ZipView 2.1

ZipView 2.1: ZipView - Zip File Compression utility for Windows View is a complete Zip file manager that allows you to view the most common file types without extracting! Introducing ZipView - the world`s only Zip file Viewer. Now you don`t need to extract Zip file contents to view the most common file types. Just click on the files in the treeview or list to view them in a separate tab. This is a huge advancement in Zip file technology. Incredibly, you can view and navigate an entire website in a Zip archive

Viewing EDB Emails in PST 2.1: EDB email viewer help to viewing EDB Emails in PST without taking too much time
Viewing EDB Emails in PST 2.1

Viewing EDB emails in PST after performing a conversion task over inaccessible EDB file by using EDB Email viewer. The tool fixes all unwanted EDB errors & able you to view Exchange EDB emails in PST (2010 to 95). Not only emails also, you can view Contacts & other EDB items in PST after view EDB emails to Outlook process. You can view EDB file in PST, if an EDB secure with password. Try EDB file viewer & view EDB database in PST today.

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SharePoint Column/View Permission 2.3.1215.21: Manage access to all content by setting field-level and view-level permission
SharePoint Column/View Permission 2.3.1215.21

View-level permission settings in Column/View Permission control whether SharePoint list views are visible, read-only or hidden. By setting a default permission level for each view in a SharePoint list, you can ensure that your confidential information is accessible only to those whom you have granted access - selecting "hidden" as your default view permission level means that new user accounts created will not have access to any views unless you

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SharePoint Column/View Permission 3.3.702.5: Administrator alsocan prevent certain users from creating views in the lists.
SharePoint Column/View Permission 3.3.702.5

View Permission allows administrators to hide or read-only columns to specified users. So unauthorized users will not see or edit the columns at all. Use SharePointBoost Column/View Permission to set "Employee ID" and "Manager" Columns as ready only. Assign view permission to specified users, full access, hidden or read-only (disable edit view). Column/View Permission also gives you the ability to disable the ribbon buttons for each view in the list

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SharePoint View Boost SharePoint view Boost makes SharePoint list view more convenient
SharePoint View Boost

view. Currently it can collapse and expand columns in a standard SharePoint view. When a standard view contains too many columns, there will be a horizontal scrollbar on the browser and you should drag it to see more SharePoint columns. It is inconvenient when you want to see all concerning columns with no dragging and no new SharePoint view creating for temporary view. The above problem can be solved by SharePoint View Boost. With SharePoint View

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PC On TV Comparator 1.0: Provides three views of  eight TV for PC products; Summary, Detail and More info
PC On TV Comparator 1.0

view of eight products that provide accessibility to thousands of TV and Radio channels from a Windows PC. Three views are provided. A Summary, a Detail View and an HTML View of all Product Info. The Summary view lists the main features of all eight products in a table ffor a quick comparison. Products can be sorted by column criteria in the Summary View for easy prioritization. The Detail View presents detailed information about the selected product

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blueshell ADO Survey Kit 3.00.0013: bAsk is a new diagnostic toolkit for ADO programmers!
blueshell ADO Survey Kit 3.00.0013

viewer There is a (and currently only one) simple interface to bAsk: The method View. It takes any bAsk-visible object as its argument. It automatically detects the type of the object and routes it to the appropriate viewer. Examples: => View DataEnvironment1: Views the Data Environment named DataEnviroment1 => View Forms: Views the Forms collection of your VB application => View rec1: Views a recordset named rec1 => blueshellAsk.View rec1: Same

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